Los Angeles.   28.5h 96w 6d.  wood, metal, aluminum, leather, glass.  2013.
An architectonic musing on the artist's last eight years living and working in downtown Los Angeles, incorporating some items very personal to the artist, like his belts and boots, the heat sink from a computer that failed him, and remnants from construction jobs.
Collection of the artist.
NYC Subway.   252h 60w 6d.  walnut, steel, black cowhide, LEDs.  2010-2013.
This two-story tall map of the New York City Subway, hand drawn by the artist and cut into walnut plywood, was created for Los Angeles natives and their architecturally significant new home in La Jolla, CA.  Black cowhide creates the effect of water shimmering at night, the subway lines are rendered in steel, and each station is lit and labeled, allowing viewers to find themselves and their favorite places in the city.
Private collection.
Colorado.   40h 70x 4d.  Walnut, cardboard, acrylic rod.  2010.
A study in contour, this piece weaves a luminous clear rod through scored walnut veneer to shadow the valleys and peaks of the Rocky Mountains in the artist's native Colorado.
Private collection.
Santa Fe.   54h 48w 48d.  plywood, acrylic panels, metal, LEDs.  2013.
Commissioned for the Santa Fe lofts building in downtown LA, the artist pulled images and motifs from the railroad's history and molded them into an updated take on a chandelier, with boxes mimicking railway cars.
Private commission.
Binford.   82h 104w 36d.  Walnut, steel, acrylic panels, LEDs.  2013.
The artist's modern take on "You Are Here", this monolith depicts the environs of its Arts District neighborhood, but with the orientation turned 90 degrees, causing viewers to pause and rediscover the monuments and freeways that surround them.
Commissioned installation.