Matt Locke was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1969. He studied fine art at the Savannah College of Art & Design, industrial design at Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute of Design, and received a BA in American history from Princeton in 1993. Locke lives and works in Los Angeles.

Locke designed and built his own home in Colorado in 1997 and has also been a professional designer on retail and residential projects in Los Angeles since 2005. Locke's art fuses the disciplines of art, architecture, and design.

Locke invented a style he calls Infrastructure Art using a varied practice of drafting, sculpture, graphic design, and woodworking. Locke draws his own maps from scratch and produces his pieces with a combination of machine and hand work. Locke's art explores the tension between the creation of the infrastructure and tools that make civilized modern life possible, and the neglect they face from political forces and public apathy.